Vital Information Cards

Cards which fit easily into a wallet or purse are the perfect way to keep important information easily and readily at hand – as proven by those many cards we already use routinely to manage our everyday lives.

The role of vital information cards goes further and can be even more critical – as, for example, in an accident or emergency, when a card carried by anyone in need of urgent help can quickly disclose to rescuers potentially life-saving personal details such as existing health problems, medical conditions, allergies, disabilities, medication, communication difficulties and so on.

Equally, at home, keeping track of crucial contact names and numbers to request specialist advice, information or emergency help (such as with gas or water leaks) makes for good common sense.

Each style of card in the ezee-peel range lends itself perfectly to these and many other such applications – and particularly the 4-page informa card fold-out booklet, ideal for condensing, presenting and accessing lots of vital quick-reference information as easily as possible.