Styles and Uses

With ezee-peel you have it all covered

Choose ezee-peel and you’re guaranteed not only significant cost-saving and other important benefits – you have all these options too, applicable to each and every one of the 4 styles shown below.  So choose ezee-peel and it’s job done!

  • Size and format: your cards can be any size, any shape and integrated in any position into any size of carrier.
  • Colours: as many as you want, including full colour, on both sides.
  • Weight: from 110 gsm to 190 gsm.
  • Laminate: the choice of a very durable gloss or matt, for a lasting high-quality finish.
  • Laser-printer compatibility for easy inhouse overprinting and personalisation. OR take advantage of the very cost-effective ezee-post fulfilment service